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Tank Level Monitor System   LM-200  $249.00

SensaTank Marine 100 is is everything you want in a sea-going partner. The SensaTank liquid-level monitoring panel is a new application of proven components from TouchSensor Technologies. It uses patented “Field-Effect” sensing technology to measure and display the levels of three non-fuel holding tanks.
SensaTank Marine 100 is the most reliable and hassle-free monitoring system available because it eliminates the parts that cause other systems to fail:
• NO shafts or seals to leak
• NO moving parts to jam
• NO exposure to corrosive liquid
• NO probes to become clogged or coated
• And NO effect from temperature, humidity or vibration

Measurement Without Immersion
LevelGuard’s “Field-Effect” sensing technology produces an invisible, low-power electric field that can detect the presence of fluid directly through non-conductive tank walls. Sensors are sealed, have no moving parts, and are designed to be mounted “Outside” the holding tank.
TouchCell Display Panel uses “Field-Effect”

“Field-Effect” is more than just reliable fluid detection – it’s also the world’s most dependable touch-input technology, with nearly 200 million TouchCells™ proven in commercial applications.
• With TouchCell input, there are no mechanical contacts to wear out or fail.
• Touch any tank button – the panel instantly displays the status of the selected tank in a scale of bright yellow LEDs.
• The SensaTank Marine 100 panel is compact, efficient, and has the look of a well-run ship. Instead of individual gauges, it displays status of three tanks through a single interface panel.
• Reads only on demand so there's no continuous current draw.

SensaTank Marine 100 is the Future of Onboard Measurement.
The decorative LED panel shines bright with style, reliability, and accuracy. Even better – it’s competitively priced and more durable than predecessor technology. Specify SensaTank... and get onboard with the future.