Can Buoys

  • ABS Exterior, completely urethane foam filled and ultraviolet inhibited
  • Self-righting without tackle
  • Standard bands, symbols and messages included
  • Internal radar reflectors
  • Pickup eye built into top
  • Non-standard messages
  • Agency and name identification
  • Swivel eyes or pipe thru for float collar applications
  • Yellow cans, centerline black and white or red and white
  • All cans available as green channel markers or red channel markers with nun tops
  • Lighted buoys and channel markers available upon request
Standard Can
  • Used by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • concrete ballast encased in ABS
  • ballast attached by a galvanized steel pipe
  • 3″ silver reflective band at top
Army Used Can Buoys           Standard Can
5112-B – 12″ dia. 5213-B – 13″ dia. 5214-B – 14″ dia. 4524-B – 24″ dia.
Float Collar Cans/ Coast Guard Type Float Collar Can Buoys Coast Guard Type Can Buoys Floating Can Buoys
2814SW-B – 14″ dia., 28″ collar internal 6CPRM-B – 12″ dia., 28″ collar external 5CPRM-B – 19″ dia., 38″ collar external 5CPRFW-B – 19″ dia., 38″ collar internal

Channel Markers

Red and Green Channel Markers All above can buoys are available as green or red channel markers. Options (all nuns):

  • Pickup eyes
  • Internal radar reflectors
  • White numerical markings
  • Agency or name identification
Internal Radar Reflecting Buoys Float Collar Nuns Floating Channel Marker Buoys Float Collar Nuns Standard Channel Marker Buoys Standard Nuns
2814ULN-B – 14″ dia. 2814NSW-B – 14″ dia. Ideal for shallow, deep or still waters. 5213N-B – 13″ dia. 5214N-B – 14″ dia. 4524N-B – 24″ dia.
  • Super-tough white LLDPE shell w/ultra violet inhibitors
  • Urethane foam filled
  • Self-righting without tackle
  • Easily replaceable white vinyl wrapper
  • Standard bands symbols messages included
  • 1 1/2″ sch. ro galvanized pipe through buoy
  • 10″ galvanized steel plate at top (can)
  • 3 3/4″ dia. galvanized washer at top (nun)
  • Optional solar light available
  • Lighted buoys and channel markers available upon request
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