Dock Boxes for Marinas | Pool Storage Box

Extra heavy duty construction Dock Boxes by Trionic. Stronger than fiberglass.

Don’t settle for less when you can get the best dock boxes on the market sold to World Class Marinas from New York to Singapore. (click on photo for larger image)
Dock Box 8000 Dock Box 8004 - Trionic Dock Boxes
8000 8004 PowerHouse® Dock Box
Dock Box 8006 - Trionic Dock Boxes Dock Box 8011 - Trionic Dock Boxes
8006 8011
 Trionic Dock Boxes

Unlike boats, dock boxes should not be made of fiberglass. Fiberglass needs waxing or it will chalk, spider web crack and retain dirt. On impact, fiberglass will crack and deform. Trionic extra heavy-duty dock boxes are rotationally cast in a mold with impact-resistant polyethylene resin. The smooth exterior surface repels dirt without waxing. Over 30 years of experience in the marine industry.

Trionic dock boxes are also used for Pool Storage, the attractive design looks great on any deck and keeps items dry. The durability is far superior to other dock boxes on the market. Our products are made to resist damage from the sun. You will find Trionic dock boxes are easy to maintain and last for years.

Key Benefits:
  • Hammer impact tested
  • Lockable reinforced cover 
  • Easy to assemble nylon hinges with stainless steel hardware
  • Cover restrained with stainless steel cables (gas shocks available)
  • Long term ultraviolet inhibitors protect against sun rays
  • Available in white and white granite or custom colors

Call For Dock Box Pricing Information
Part # Dimensions
8000 Triangular Dock Box 48.25″ long x 28″ wide x 30″ high
8002 Rectangular Dock Box 33″ long x 20″ wide x 26″ high
8004 Trionic PowerHouse® Triangular Dock Box 50″ long x 29.5″ wide x 32.5″ high
8006 Rectangular Dock Box 48.25″ long x 26.5″ wide x 29″ high
8011 Triangular Dock Box 59.25″ long x 34.5″ wide x 28.5″ high

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