ROC Barrier

The ROC Barrier (Rapid Oil Containment) – Extremely compact and easy to deploy. It ensures the rapid response and containment of oil spills unlike anything available in the marketplace today.

The ROC Barrier is the only oil containment system small enough to allow boats to store 1000’ of barrier on board. Marinas, harbors, ports, beaches and other water entry points can store the ROC Barrier on site to allow rapid response to an oil spill. The film laminate used in the ROC Barrier is essentially a two dimensional product when stored and a third dimension (bulk) is added on deployment. The ROC Barrier will contain up to 100% of the oil in a spill without absorbing water. The oil can be reclaimed for use, dramatically reducing cleanup costs.

Roc Barrier

Part #9200-ROC – $575.00

  • Compact 8” x 8” x 20” Storage Container at 9 lbs.
  • 1000’ of oil barrier per container
  • Deploys at speed up to 34 mph, 5 times faster than heavier booms
  • Will adsorb only oil, not water
  • Works in any body of water, fresh or salt
  • Shipping and storage costs are dramatically reduced
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