Heavy Duty Reinforced Dock BoxesDock Boxes
Extra heavy duty construction. Our Dock Boxes have lockable reinforced cover. Used in Marinas, even pool storage. More here. 
Pro Floating BuoysBuoys
Mooring buoys, Regulatory Buoys, Can Buoys, Channel Markers, Barrier Floats. More here.
Durable Marine And Holding Tanks Marine Tanks
An extensive line of Marine water/holding tanks to meet most size and durability requirements. More here.
Large Capacity Shower Sump TanksSuperSump® Shower Sump Tanks
Large capacity automatic shower sump eliminates the overflow problems. More here.
Super Premium Holding TankSuper Premium Holding Tanks
Odor free, leakproof design made of 100% 3/8″ wall virgin polyethylene. More here.
Long Lasting Holding Tank Filter.Holding Tank Vent Filter
Each holding tank filter is good for an entire boating season. More here.
Marina Dock Boarding StepsDock Boarding Steps
Step up on the Best, Trionic’s NEW Dock Boarding Double Step, featuring fully enclosed bottom and sides compact built-in flush mounting. More here.
Heavy Duty Trash containersTrash Containers
Extra heavy duty construction, rotationally molded of 1/4″ thick impact-resistant polyethylene. More here.
Marina Dock CartDock Cart
DC-1060 is designed for use as a marina dock cart. It has plastic rims for use in corrosive marine environments. More here.
Solar Lights
Standard Flash Pattern, High-intensity LEDS (no bulbs), efficient solid-state circuitry. More here

Trionic makes a wide range of products. For docks we make dock boxes, dock carts, dock steps. For boats and RV’s, Trionic has shower sump tanks, premium holding tanks, tank hose fittings, tank level monitors, vent filters and tank pump out kits. For on the water in marinas, we carry solar lights, buoys, can buoys and barrier floats. For Environmental cleanup we manufacture the Aqueous Parts Washer and The ROC Barrier (Rapid Oil Containment). Trionic quality and service sets us apart from the competition.

The rotational molding process starts with a fabricated (aluminum or steel) or cast aluminum mold. Pre-measured plastic resin (usually ground polyethylene which is similar in appearance to ground sugar), is loaded into each mold. Then the molds are moved into the oven where they are slowly rotated on both a vertical and horizontal axis. The melting resin adheres to the hot mold and coats every surface evenly. Once the parts are cooled using air and water, they are released from the mold.

With proper design, rotational molding offers advantages over other molding processes. Parts can be molded as one piece, eliminating seams, and assembled parts. The process also offers consistent wall thickness and stronger outside corners that are virtually stress free.